The Shaping of Edward Minor

Peninsula Players Theatre, in conjunction with its production of Richard Strand’s Civil War drama Butler, will host speaker Joe Knaapen Aug. 27 at 6:30 pm in the theater. Knaapen, a Civil War re-enactor, will discuss how the Civil War shaped the career of Door County’s Edward S. Minor. Tickets to the performance are available; admission to the pre-show seminar is free.

Minor was the only Door County man elected to Congress and served as the mayor of Sturgeon Bay where he opened a hardware store. He was elected to the 8th Congressional District in 1894 and served until 1907.

Knaapen is a Sturgeon Bay native and has worked for newspapers in Wisconsin, Iowa and California. His interest in the Civil War stems from his relative’s enthusiasm for re-enactment participation and knowing his wife’s family fought in the Civil War.

Butler, the winner of the Edgerton Foundation New American Plays Program, is an engrossing drama laced with humor.

Major General Benjamin Butler reports to duty at Fort Monroe, a Union hold-out fort in Virginia. On his first day, 153 years ago, three runaway slaves row across the James River to the fort and ask for sanctuary. Butler’s decision and actions have repercussions that ripple through the rest of the Civil War. While these events were real Strand takes audiences into the fort and provides a fictional look at what could have been discussed.

Butler is sponsored by BBZ Consulting, LLC., Barbara and Bob Ziegler.

Peninsula Players performs Tuesdays through Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 7:30 pm with a 4 pm matinee Aug. 31 for Butler. For more information on future seminars or to reserve tickets call 920.868.3287 or visit