The Swedish Rock!

Ministry Door County Medical Center announces its free concert series Music in the Gardens begins July 8 at 7 pm with Baskery, a Swedish alternative folk rock band.

Baskery is a band built on what three people can do together. The music is not to be confused with country or bluegrass just because the instrumentation involves a double bass, a six-string banjo and acoustic guitar. The trio of sisters is not bound to any genre and this is what makes Baskery a little hard to figure out just by listening to their albums.

In their late teens the sisters joined forces with their dad, who had been a one-man band, playing old blues and country tunes for a living. They got introduced to the music business in a quite unglamorous way: “We played cover songs in pubs and bars, still we never played songs we didn’t like just to please the crowd.” This foundation of classic roots music and Americana settled in their hearts, but also awoke the urge of breaking the rules of traditional music.

Baskery has successfully toured all over the world, performing at festivals such as Glastonbury, Woodford, SXSW, Portland Waterfront Blues Festival, Storsjِyran, Bergen Fest, Toender, and Shrewsbury Folk Festival.

Concertgoers are encouraged to bring a picnic dinner, and chairs or blankets. The concert takes place in the hospital’s green space on 16th Place, right next to The Community’s Garden. For more information call 920.493.5979.