Traffic Impacts for Packers Preseason Game Aug. 10

(Green Bay) The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Northeast Region reminds motorists heading to Lambeau Field on Thursday, August 10, for the Green Bay Packers/Philadelphia Eagles preseason football game that Thursday night’s game will have a significant impact on traffic operations due to the combination of gameday traffic and commuter traffic. WisDOT will open as many lanes as possible on construction projects in northeast Wisconsin to move the increased traffic as effectively as possible, but some work zones will still have traffic control devices, soft shoulders, narrow lanes and barrier wall present.

WisDOT encourages those traveling to the game to pre-plan their trip. Other tips include using alternate routes, adjusting your leave to ensure you reach the destination on time, and following the traveler information on the message boards. Commuter traffic not heading to the game is encouraged to find alternate routes off of the main interstate and highway system, if possible. Never drive distracted, as slow downs and back-ups can occur suddenly.

Construction project areas that have a higher probability of affecting traffic flow include I-43 in Manitowoc County and the WIS 441 Tri-County Expansion Project in the Calumet, Winnebago and Outagamie counties. I-43 is down to a single lane of travel in portions of Manitowoc County. Motorists could also experience slow travel on WIS 441, US 10 and I-41 in the WIS 441 Project work zone.

Closer to the stadium, all lanes of travel in construction zones will be open in Brown County, although I-41, WIS 172 and I-43 could experience backups as fans head to and from Lambeau Field. I-41 interchanges at Oneida Street, Lombardi Avenue, WIS 172 and I-43 are also potential areas where delay may occur due to higher volumes of traffic.

Here is a list of the major highways in northeast Wisconsin most Packer fans will be traveling as they head for Lambeau Field, and the road conditions they should anticipate.

I-43 Resurfacing Project – Manitowoc County
I-43 just south of Manitowoc is down to one lane of traffic in each direction. Bridge work and resurfacing prevents these lanes from opening prior to Labor Day.
Motorists should expect congestion and slow travel/back-ups in the project work zone.
Gameday travelers could consider I-41 as an alternate route to and from the stadium.

I-43 Resurfacing Project – Brown and Sheboygan Counties
All lanes of travel will open in the construction work zones five hours before and five hours after the game.
Traffic control devices in the project work zone could still slow travel on I-43.

I-41 Resurfacing Project – Brown and Outagamie Counties
I-41 from Kaukauna to De Pere will be open to all lanes of travel five hours before and five hours after the game.
Uneven lanes and traffic control devices in the project work zone could still slow travel on I-41 in Brown and Outagamie counties.
I-41 near Wrightstown will continue in its current configuration with split traffic in one direction, but two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction for gameday.

WIS 32(Ashland Avenue) Resurfacing and Bridge Project – Brown County
Ashland Avenue lanes, intersections and ramps are now open to all traffic following completion of the project on August 4.

WIS 441 Tri-County Expansion Project – Winnebago, Outagamie and Calumet counties
I-41 Mainline
Barrier wall, narrow lanes, short merge distances and orange barrels will be present at various locations due to the WIS 441 Tri-County Expansion Project.
Drivers will encounter reduced speed limits on I-41 near the US 10/WIS 441/I-41 interchange.
Drivers should also watch for reduced lane widths and reduced shoulder widths on northbound and southbound I-41.WIS 441, US 10 and Roland Kampo Bridge
Drivers should be aware of orange barrels, narrow lanes, barrier walls and reduced speed limits due to the WIS 441 Tri-County Expansion Project.
US 10 eastbound between County CB and I-41 northbound is reduced to a single lane.
Westbound US 10/southbound WIS 441 to northbound I-41 ramp is closed until spring of 2018.Detour: Continue on westbound US 10 to WIS 76, follow WIS 76 north to WIS 96, take WIS 96 east to I-41.

Wisconsin DOT State Farm Safety Patrol (formerly known as Freeway Service Teams)
The Wisconsin DOT State Farm Safety Patrol will be working in the I-43 Project work zone in Manitowoc County on gameday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.and again from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.  The safety patrol will also work its regular hours on the WIS 441 Tri-County Expansion Project in Winnebago, Outagamie and Calumet from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on gameday. The safety patrol, formerly known as Freeway Service Teams, will assist motorists – free of charge – who are involved in minor crashes or are experiencing a breakdown. If necessary, the safety patrol quickly relocates disabled vehicles from the highway’s travel lanes and/or shoulders to safe, pre-designated locations away from traffic.

Services the safety patrol provides include:
Relocating disabled vehicles
Providing small amounts of fuel
Handling minor repairs (changing flat tires, battery jump starts)
Removing small non-hazardous debris from the roadway
Assisting with traffic control and crash scene clearance
Please note if you are involved in a crash:

The WisDOT’s Division of State Patrol advises you to immediately call 911 if you are involved in a crash.  If there are no injuries and the vehicles can be moved, report the other vehicle’s license plate numbers as you may then be advised to move off the main portion of the roadway to a crash investigation site or to a ramp out of traffic.  This will assist first responders in reaching you while helping to clear traffic delays during the critical travel times before and following the Packer game. 

Additionally, if your vehicle becomes disabled in the I-43 or WIS 441 work zones, notify authorities immediately, and WisDOT will send the safety patrol vehicle to your location. Motorists can then contact their motor club or towing preference after WisDOT has relocated your vehicle to a more accessible and safe location. 

Travelers should allow extra time and can check online for real-time traffic information, including travel times, lane closures and incidents, at 511 Wisconsin online or by calling 511. 

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