PULSE OF TOURISM: Travel Evokes Caring and Love


President/CEO, Destination Door County

February is often associated with love and romance primarily because of Valentine’s Day. And travel offers us new perspectives on life and love by exposing us to the beauty and diversity of awe-inspiring landscapes and vibrant cultures. Experiencing these wonders fosters a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the world and each other. As we experience the splendor of nature in Door County or immerse ourselves in our local culture and heritage, our love is deepened by the shared appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

Love is also about caring. Caring for what we love isn’t just a feeling, it’s an action. It is a series of actions that benefit each of us individually and all of us collectively. Our Care for Door County program is the sum of all our cultural, quality-of-life and eco-focused initiatives and the actions we can take to protect and care for the place we love. 

It’s a call for those who love and live to travel – and for those who are proud to call Door County home. For those who live for new and unexpected experiences that broaden horizons and afford a deeper connection with the communities and environment around them. For those who live to savor local flavors, handcrafted with care and authenticity. For those who live for knowledge and whose curiosity drives them to uncover hidden gems and historical treasures. For those who live to connect on a different level, not just as an adventurer, but as a fellow steward of the land, the culture and the community, for now and in years to come. For those who live for a pristine shoreline, a perfectly groomed trail, a rolling orchard, or a breathtaking sunset. For those who live without being constrained by a single idea of when, where and how to explore, but an openness to take the road less traveled, while preserving that road for others. It’s a call for those ready not just to feel, but to act.

Travel and love are intertwined, each enriching the other in profound ways. Through shared experiences and discovery, travel evokes caring and love. 

As we continue our journey in 2024, let us embrace the transformative power of travel to cultivate and act to show how much we care for the place we live and love. Please take the time to watch Ridge and Swale, an environmental docuseries [created by Peninsula Filmworks, also owners of this publication] that celebrates the legacy of conservation and community and the love that it takes to continue to preserve and maintain Door County’s natural beauty and heritage, at

Taking care of the parks that we love throughout Door County is truly something we all can work on together. We believe in the power and love of community, and we are encouraging our visitors and all of you to contribute to safeguard and improve our five cherished state parks. Together we can ensure a brighter and more sustainable future for our state parks in Door County. 

Visit to learn more. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at [email protected]. I look forward to your thoughts and suggestions to help us continue growing in a positive direction.

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