Upper Bear Creek Road (Evergreen, CO)

On this morning’s meander before Thanksgiving feast
I coast and curve mindfully between the crossing creek-bed
Gazing in amazement at gigantic homes, humongous boulders,
And timbered beams bravely lodging beneath the behemoth rock.
The rushing stream, frosted along its sides, brags icily
Of mountain trout hidden within. A small herd of overfed horses
Stand patiently in the chill air, as once sleek summer coats
Morph into shaggy shelter-blankets.
The sagging barn fades into history’s local lore
Its utility done, much like a nearby holding pen, broken loading chutes.
The cantilevered yurt of redwood offers itself for safe, and
Around yet another bend a fallen pine is up-ended,
Its circular rootbase awaiting either decay or a botanical
Superman to right it again for the stag to mark with antlers.
Small coveys of scavenging ravens fly close, so huge it seems
They could carry you to the far tops of mountain meadows.
Before the impending blizzard, a bigger-than-life black bear sculpture
Watches me pass. What is he giving thanks for this ominous afternoon?