Volunteers Needed for LCAP Homeless Count

Lakeshore Community Action Program (LCAP) is looking for volunteers to assist in conducting the semiannual Point-In-Time Street Count in Door & Kewaunee County regarding our homeless population. Volunteers are needed for the night of Jan. 25 and the early morning of Jan. 28. Volunteers can sign up together or as individuals who will be placed with a team. Adults above the age of 18 are to look for homeless persons in places that one might suspect homeless persons may be staying, conduct a brief survey and provide referrals for assistance. Each team also needs one volunteer driver to take the team to various locations. In addition, LCAP is asking the community to help identify locations where suspected homeless people may be staying. If your business is aware of people that do not have shelter or suspect that your business or building is being inhabited with homeless people, contact LCAP and inform them of their location. LCAP can offer assistance and referrals for shelter. If you are aware of locations in the community (parked car, specific parks, etc.) where people are staying who you suspect to be homeless, contact LCAP. They will use the specific information provided to determine the exact time to conduct the Point-in-Time search and your input is greatly appreciated. If possible, notify LCAP of these locations of the suspected homeless people prior to Jan. 20 so they can organize a coalition to find these vulnerable people in our own community.

To become a volunteer or if you know of areas where homeless people may be staying, contact Kristina Van Egeren or Kate Markwardt at 920.682.3737 or [email protected]

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