Washington Island Fish Derby Results

Ham Rutledge and Bill Jorgenson of the Lion’s Club (left) are with some of the winners of the 38th Annual Lion’s Club Fish Derby on Washington Island, including Ryan Jorgenson, Michael Cornell, Vesta Davidson, Alex Johnson, Jim Jorgenson, Aaron Cornell and Hannes Johnson. Submitted photo.

The 38th Annual Lion’s Club Fish Derby finished with a weigh-in on Washington Island at noon on Feb. 15. No lawyers, whitefish or walleyes were registered, so the prize money for those species were redistributed to the other categories, raising those prizes. First place winners received $75, second $50, and third $25.


1st: Ryan Jorgenson, 13.82 lb.

2nd: Aaron Cornell, 12.86 lb.

3rd: Alex Johnson, 10.50 lb.

Northern Pike

1st: Hannes Johnson, 20.41 lb., 18.03 lb. and 17.12 lb. (top 3)

2nd: Jim Jorgenson, 15.87 lb.

3rd: Vesta Davidson, 15.51 lb.


1st: Todd Jorgenson, .90 lb. and .87 lb (top 2)

2nd: Michael Cornell, .83 lb.

3rd: Dennis Young, .82 lb.