WIFFEE and the HUZzBAND Birthday Celebration

When asked where they’re from, Ruby James (aka Kitty CoopDeville) doesn’t provide a city, a state or even a country. With her charmingly coy and playful demeanor she simply replies, “The Holiday Music Motel!”

While James was not born and raised in Sturgeon Bay, the musical “home” and creative center she did find there was an essential part of a journey that led to the formation of her latest project – WIFEE and the HUZzBAND, with singer/saxophonist extraordinaire Stephen Cooper.

By now many of you, if not most, have heard the buzz surrounding her latest project consisting of a full 10-piece band complete with full horn section and turntable DJ. Performing both classic hits and a healthy dose of originals, their sound is a unique amalgamation of old soul, Motown, 50s-60s rock & roll, R&B and funk. High-energy danceable grooves, unforgettable melodies and tight harmonies are both timeless and modern and appeal to music lovers of all genres.

Simply said, if you haven’t seen them yet, you should, and here’s your next chance.

Performing at Stone Harbor Resort on Feb. 21, WIFEE and the HUZzBAND will be joined by Purgatory Hill and Thy Dirty Deuce in honor and celebration of James’ birthday.

There is no cover for the event starting at 8:30 pm. For more information, visit