Yacht Club at Sister Bay Uses Focus on Energy Program

The Yacht Club at Sister Bay recently used one of the Focus On Energy financial-incentive programs, which support home and business owners who invest in energy-efficient equipment and projects.

The club upgraded to LED lights in its 85 condos earlier this year, replacing more than 2,500 lamps. Tom Younger, an energy adviser with Focus on Energy, helped maintenance supervisor Dustin Reinart select lights that qualified for the financial incentives and helped with the application process. 

“[Tom] was a huge help to me in switching the condo campus over to LEDs,” Reinart said. Focus on Energy also gave the Yacht Club at Sister Bay $8,300 to help offset the up-front cost of investing in LEDs. During the lights’ life cycle, they will save the club an estimated 1,670,000 kilowatt hours of electricity – enough to meet the electric needs of 206 homes for a full year.

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