1st Senate District Candidates On Job Creation

Dr. Monk Elmer


Job creation is priority number one. We must focus on small business development for Northeast Wisconsin. We need to target job creation programs. We cannot bring back loopholes that let big corporations avoid paying their fair share while shifting the tax burden onto small businesses and working families, the so-called Las Vegas loophole. Instead we need to target tax incentives toward actual job creation.

We need to give tax credits to businesses that are creating and keeping jobs in Wisconsin. The Core Jobs Act, which gave tax credits to businesses locating in Wisconsin and creating jobs, passed the legislature last year and should be expanded. This focused on CREATING JOBS, not putting money into the pockets of CEOs.

Investing in renewable technologies will spark job creation and help reduce costs for businesses. The state can help grow the green energy economy by offering tax credits to businesses that want to invest in these technologies.

The Green to Gold Fund passed last session is a good example of how the state is partnering with businesses to become more energy efficient. Loans are provided to businesses to help them reduce energy costs. This will save businesses money that can be invested in company expansion and job growth.

We have the skilled workforce, the Technical and University system and the manufacturing base can create new, high quality jobs. The state government needs to partner with business organizations like New North, towns, villages and cities in order for us to succeed.

Frank Lasee


I believe enterprising business people will create jobs provided there are conditions for prosperity. In the last budget, Gov. Doyle and his party raised taxes and fees over 5 billion dollars. That does not create the conditions for prosperity. Instead of tax increases, fee hikes and costly mandates making it tougher to do business, we should be doing the opposite.

A recent survey of Wisconsin business owners and executives showed nearly 70 percent said it’s difficult to do business here. Besides balancing our budget without raising taxes, we must turn the government bureaucracy around. They must become customer service for citizens and businesses. They cannot continue to be rule-based authorities making it difficult to move forward, chasing businesses away.

Wisconsin must reduce the burden of regulations and mandates. Examples of these burdens are everywhere, such as mandating that utilities build expensive “boutique” energy generation which raises costs for everyone and requires taxpayer subsidies, instead of reliable low-cost facilities that could employ thousands right here in Northeast Wisconsin. When electric bills drain our pocketbooks and increase business costs, families, workers and businesses all lose.

Adding costly licensing and reporting regulations to contractors – as the Democrats just did – makes it harder for contractors to stay in business, discourages new startups and depresses new employment. Onerous mandates and regulations chase businesses away. I’ll work to change this.

In my last legislative session, I had a strong pro small business voting record; it was 100 percent with the NFIB. I’ll work to make Wisconsin a great place to do business, which will create more jobs right here.