Breaking Down the Vote in Door County

Tuesday’s election revealed some stark geographic differences in the county’s voting habits. As the charts below show, the northern Door County communities were the top source of votes for Democratic candidates Amanda Stuck, Kim Delorit Jensen, and Joe Biden. The most fertile ground for Republican candidates Mike Gallagher, Joel Kitchens, and Donald Trump were all found in southern Door County. 

The presidential race broke down in similar geographic fashion.

Clay Banks: Biden – 120; Trump – 131; 50.58%

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Who Turned Out: Votes Cast by Municipality

(All wards included in total votes)

Baileys Harbor (Town): 937 (pop. 1,069) 
Brussels (Town): 689 (pop. 1,129)
Clay Banks (Town): 263 (pop. 392)
Egg Harbor (Town): 1,083 (pop. 1,404) 
Egg Harbor (Village): 260 (pop. estimate uncertain)
Ephraim (Village): 270 (pop. 288)
Forestville (Town): 676 (pop. 1,109)
Forestville (Village): 280 (pop. 427)
Gardner (Town): 829 (pop. 1,228)
Gibraltar (Town): 945 (pop. 1,057)
Jacksonport (Town): 624 (pop. 727)
Liberty Grove (Town): 1,632 (pop. 1,783)
Nasewaupee (Town): 1,314 (pop. 2,114)
Sevastopol (Town): 2,113 (pop. 2,743)
Sister Bay (Village): 826 (pop. 966) 
Sturgeon Bay (City): 5,600 (pop. 9,467)
Sturgeon Bay (Town): 543 (pop. 826)
Union (Town): 693 (pop. 995)
Washington (Town): 631 (pop. 719)

Total Door County Votes Cast: 20,208