Cheese, Butter and Tomatoes Featured in Savory Spoon Classes

Upcoming classes at Savory Spoon Cooking School include Cheesemaking 101, Better with Butter, and I Say Tomato, You Say Tomatoe.

On Aug. 13 at 6 pm, Dean Sommer of the Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research at U.W. Madison will be on hand to take the mystery out of cheesemaking. Sommer is the Cheese and Food Technologist and will share a wealth of knowledge.

On Aug. 23 at 6 pm, join the school for Better with Butter – a buttery, rich experience. There’s no short end of the stick with really good butter, its flavor enhances most every dish imaginable. In this class you get a better understanding about artisan butter, European style butter, goat milk butter and clarified butter. A European butter specialist will be on hand for this buttery class.

Meg and Adam Goettelman of Steep Creek Farm.

The menu includes: grilled shrimp with miso butter, clarified butter crepes, steak with blue butter and port reduction, butter curried brandy potatoes, and lime pie with sweet wine cream.

On Aug. 22 at 6 pm, Meg Goettelman of Steep Creek Farm will talk about growing this versatile fruit featured in this class and Chef Thomas will teach you how to make herb scented sorbet and homemade mayonnaise. Steep Creek Farm is CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), located in Sturgeon Bay. The menu includes: tomato zucchini gratin stuffed tomatoes, grilled panzanella tomato salad, yellow tomato soup with basil sorbet, oven-dried tomato tart and ragout of heirlooms with a hint of citrus.

To register, visit or call 920.854.6600.