Cross Country Ski Report as of Feb. 13

Some new snow just fell, so now is the time to enjoy all of Door County’s ski trails. Here are the conditions at our state parks and Crossroads at Big Creek:

Potawatomi State Park: All trails were last groomed for skating and tracked for diagonal stride on Feb 11. Although current conditions are skiable, the diagonal stride track has been covered over in several areas by drifting snow.

Crossroads at Big Creek: Conditions should remain excellent for all types of skiing with the new snow and cold nights.

Whitefish Dunes State Park: Should be in excellent condition following grooming and reset track on Feb. 21. New snow will cover over woods debris and provide conditions for a near perfect track that is full depth, and firm over a very hard base.

Peninsula State Park: Everything should be groomed for the weekend, Feb. 22 & 23, and in very good condition.

Newport State Park: Newport and Europe Bay loops single track trails are in good shape. Some trail debris was starting to accumulate but should be covered by new snow.

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