Dawson and Kapfamer next at Charlene’s Gallery Ten

“Flight,” mixed media (acrylic, oil, and charcoal), by Elizabeth Dawson.

Artists Elizabeth Dawson and Ray Kapfamer are matched up in the next double feature at Charlene’s Gallery Ten in Gills Rock. Their abstract, yet representational dreamscapes are sure to provoke thought and engaging discussion, from 3 – 5 pm on Saturday, August 16. Dialogue with the artists in person as Charlene provides wine, refreshments and hospitality.

Dawson presents herself as the working artist, unfettered by any restraint in her choice of media. In her latest series, she explains that she intentionally uses a variety of media to convey the tension that exists between the industrialized city and the natural environment. She explores the relationship between the past and the present, layering charcoal drawings with oil glazes to yield greater contrast and depth. The results display an ethereal luminescence and a distinct sense of mystery that mirrors the contrast between nature and industry and echoes the cycle of growth, decay, death and regeneration that takes place in both arenas of life.

Kapfamer is a Wisconsin regionalist, a landscape painter who works with oils and pastels. He considers his work to be about a perceived notion that relates to specific places and moments in time. He pushes at the limits of color, extending the palette beyond the representational, even while painting in plein air. Then, he returns to the studio with his captured study to finalize the reflections and advance the work to completion.

“Barn” by Ray Kapfamer.

His work pays homage to the push and pull of color in the tradition of master abstractionist painter Hans Hoffmann. Ray’s true love, the natural muse is expressed in his landscapes. He employs a vivid range of color, yet seeks to retain a distinct believability.

The latest exhibit of paintings by Dawson and Kapfamer will be on display through September 18 at Charlene’s Gallery Ten. GT Coffee, complements the gallery, serving espresso drinks, free wi-fi access and Door County cherry pie by-the-slice.

The gallery and coffee shop are open Thursday through Monday (closed Tuesday and Wednesday), from 8 am – 5 pm at 12625 Hwy. 42 in Gills Rock. For more information call 920.854.9907 or visit