DCEDC Pitches Countywide Housing Study

In an attempt to put real data behind stories and perception, the Door County Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC) is seeking support from municipalities to develop an analysis of housing stock. The group hopes real data will help spur public and private investment to meet demand.

“There was desire from multiple stakeholders to try to take a scientific approach to quantifying the need and getting beyond anecdotes,” said Caleb Frostman, executive director of the DCEDC.

Over the next few weeks, Frostman and others from the DCEDC will attend municipal meetings and ask for financial support in the study.

“Based on what we’ve experienced in this planning group, we’re expecting a fairly significant price tag,” Frostman said.

That price tag will include quantifying the current housing stock, analyzing the expected changes in demographics over the next few decades and hiring a professional firm to make recommendations following the study. Frostman said the project may also include looking at building and zoning codes that impede development of housing projects.

“We have an estimated range of what we would like from townships and villages but it hasn’t been hammered down yet,” Frostman said.

While the market analysis itself will not provide recommendations on the best place and type of housing to be developed, it could provide a way for both public and private entities to better understand the path toward a housing solution.

“We’d love to have that snapshot of what our current picture is – using that illustrated non-anecdotal information to influence local government and private industry as to what the quantified need is,” Frostman said.

The DCEDC is making the rounds to local municipal meetings as those groups are launching into their 2018 budget process with the hopes of getting some funding for the study.

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