Door County Kayak Tours Goes Solar

David Rack, owner and entrepreneur of Door County Kayak Tours, announces its ethical contribution to the community by the addition of solar panel energy as its source of electricity. Rack said the system is an affordable, ongoing investment and he “urges other businesses to look into taking these steps as well.”

Some of the environmental benefits are lower carbon production and mercury pollution. With the benefits of the Wisconsin on Energy Grant and the business tax credit, Door County Kayak Tour’s solar system will be paid off within the next six years, making free electricity reachable.

Rack hired Eland Electric Corporation, based in Green Bay, to make the transition to solar.

Jacob Clark, current guide at Door County Kayak Tours, said, “Solar power energy is an environmental push that shows people that it’s possible to run your business in a sustainable manner even in remote areas like Cave Point,” where Door County Kayak Tours launches one of its bestselling tours.

For more information, visit or call 920.868.1400.

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