Door County North Welcomes Mickie Rasch as New Coordinator

Door County North, the business association for the Liberty Grove-Ellison Bay-Gills Rock region, and their Board of Directors are happy to introduce Mickie Rasch as their new Community Coordinator. Rasch brings extensive experience in tourism, marketing and volunteering. Her last experience comes from the Driftless Region in Western Wisconsin, which was as the Eco Tourism and Sustainable Lifestyle Contractor at Ocooch Mountain Made and also as the Social Media, Tourism and Events Volunteer at Village of Gays Mills, Wis.

Rasch is a home and property owner in Ellison Bay and has spent time here since 2004. She plans to make Ellison Bay her primary residence in the near future. She said, “Door County North has so much potential, it’s obvious from the success of new events and the positive momentum Darcie and the board has built within the association and community. I can’t wait to get started meeting members and learning more about their business needs and goals within the communities they serve.” She’ll officially begin Jan. 1, 2016.

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