Edgewood Orchard Galleries Celebrates Labor Day Weekend

“Canted Form – Hyacinth Topaz,” blown/reworked glass, by Marc Sudduth.

Edgewood Orchard Galleries will be hosting an opening reception on Saturday, August 30 to introduce the artists featured in the gallery’s fourth exhibit of the 2008 season. The reception will take place from 4 – 7 pm on Saturday evening, with artist introductions and short artist talks scheduled for 5 pm in the gallery courtyard. Refreshments will be served, and the public is welcome.

In addition to the Saturday evening reception, a painting demonstration by featured artist Barry Roal Carlsen will take place from 1 – 3 pm on Sunday, August 31.

Edgewood Orchard’s Exhibit IV opened August 23 and will run through September 23. The month-long exhibit features the artwork of painters Barry Roal Carlsen, Bonnie Paruch and Jonathan Wilde. Also featured will be the jewelry of Regina Imbsweiler and the work of glass artist Mark Sudduth.

“Crossing,” oil/encaustic on panel, by Barry Roal Carlsen.

Wisconsin oil painter Barry Roal Carlsen lives and works in Madison. With a number of the new works included in his show, Carlsen has used an encaustic technique in which pigment is mixed into melted beeswax and then applied to certain areas bordering the painting. This method produces a dramatic visual effect as the layering of the hardened wax creates a unique sense of depth and texture on each painting.

“White Radishes,” oil, by Bonnie Paruch.

Well-loved Door County oil painter and pastel artist Bonnie Paruch explained that the title of her show for Exhibit IV “Memories & Mementos” originates from memories and sharp recollections of places, times and stories shared with her family. “The studio work is crafted from still-life materials that represent treasured friends and family members…I hope I’ve created open artwork – artwork that invites viewers to step in and finish the story in their own way.”

“Pileated & Popples,” oil on board, by Jonathan Wilde.

Jonathan Wilde is another talented Wisconsin painter who has been a long-time favorite at Edgewood Orchard Galleries. The paintings that he chose to create for Exhibit IV are what he called his “usual combination of birds and landscapes.” Wilde’s unique ability to capture the minute details of birds and their natural habitats is a skill that he has developed over the past 38 years of painting both full-time.

22ct Tourmaline Necklace, sterling silver and 22k gold, by Regina Imbsweiler.

Jeweler Regina Imbsweiler will be traveling to Fish Creek from her home and studio in Atlanta, Georgia for the August 30 opening reception. With 34 years of jewelry making experience to her credit, Imbsweiler does very well in achieving her goal of keeping an ancient simplicity for each piece. Her overall collection has a contemporary feel, reflecting complex references between materials, colors and textures.

Glass artist Mark Sudduth has shown his original works of blown glass at Edgewood Orchard Galleries since 1983. Sudduth has long been known for his visually captivating line series pieces, which are hand blown and hand formed. In addition to his popular line series pieces, Exhibit IV marks the debut of Sudduth’s new collection of spectacular cut and polished glass pieces which have never before been seen at Edgewood Orchard Galleries.

Edgewood Orchard Galleries is located at 4140 Peninsula Players Road, one block east of Highway 42 between Juddville and Fish Creek. The gallery and newly opened outdoor sculpture garden are open every day from 10 am – 5 pm through Nov. 2.

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