Featured Pet: Adele

Hello, it’s me, Adele, and I was wondering if after reading my profile you can tell me how many of my songs are hidden in this paragraph? You see, I am named after the beautiful singer Adele and I am a big fan of her music. I am seven years old with a white coat and dark brown accents. As you can see by my picture, I am a St. Bernard mix weighing in at a healthy 115 pounds. I was recently surrendered to the Door County Humane Society (DCHS) and now with that water under the bridge I am looking for someone like you to be my one and only. I am tired of chasing pavement and just want a loving family to all my own. Rumor has it that I am a bit shy when I first meet new people but with time I will give you my sweetest devotion. So if you want to add someone to your family that will sing “Rolling in the Deep” karaoke with you, then I am the girl for you.

Answer: 8 (“Hello,” “Water Under the Bridge,” “Someone Like You,” “One and Only,” “Chasing Pavement,” “Rumor Has It,” “Sweetest Devotion” and “Rolling in the Deep”)

The Door County Humane Society, located at 3475 County PD in Sturgeon Bay, is open 12 – 6 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and 12 – 4 pm Saturday. For more information call 920.746.1111 or visit

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