Finding A Golf Fashion Identity

In New York City, I arrived in early June to the delight that just a block and a half away from my dorm is a Golfsmith, a superstore for golfers offering the latest gear and apparel. I like to refer to it as “golfer’s paradise.”

“There are no out-of-bounds markers in golf fashion,” writes Sean Zak. Just take a look at these four fashionable men who participated in last year’s Pink Classic. Photo by Len Villano.

It’s a beautiful creation, with huge windows facing a busy street in the middle of Manhattan. Only I think it’s less beautiful when I’m forced to walk past its enticing doors each day instead of walking through them.

Sadly, I’m continually living on a tight budget that hasn’t allowed for a golf club upgrade in eight years. The other truth is that I’m not gifted enough as a golfer to merit purchasing an expensive new set. However, as we walked by the windows of the tempting fitting studio at Golfsmith, my roommate reminded me of my favorite axiom in golf:

“Sometimes it doesn’t matter if you’re the worst golfer on the course as long as you are the best looking golfer on the course.”

For a game that offers perpetual inconsistency, how you look as a golfer can be adjusted 100 percent of the time. Luck and lies and lateral hazards have nothing to do with your golf fashion adeptness. Yes, looking like a golfer is instrumental for anyone wishing to call himself or herself a golfer.

And the best part is there are no out-of-bounds markers in golf fashion. Let’s keep in mind that the game’s initial delivery as a sport happened in a place where kilts take precedence over slacks.

Rickie Fowler — known for his exuberant neon outfits that match the full range of a rainbow — tends to look like an orange on Sundays, but the flat-brimmed surfer look suits him well. Of all the players, Fowler can pull it off. The key is finding what type of golf fashion you can pull off.

Yours could be flair-filled like Fowler, or simple and classic with slacks and a polo. But if I had to choose, I would advise on the side of creativity. Make it white slacks and baby blue top, even if laundry isn’t your forte.

If argyle is your thing, deck yourself head-to-toe. For some reason the crisscrosses look awesome on a golf course no matter how many there are.

And speaking of head-to-toe, don’t forget you can be fashionable north of your neck. There’s the classic ball cap, but there’s also the occasional newsboys style hat that looked best on golfing great Ben Hogan. Care a little too much about your hair? Go with the visor and get creative.

The possibilities are vast and the combinations are endless. All it takes is a golfer willing to try. Golf is all about confidence, right?