Fred’s Guitar

On Saturday, October 1, American Folklore Theatre hosted an Opening Night Gala for the Spitfire Grill at the Door Community Auditorium. The gala, in recognition of the 10th anniversary of the play’s Broadway debut and a tribute to the late Fred Alley, included an art auction. Local artist Michael Beaster donated “Fred’s Guitar,” which received a winning bid of $1,250. The proceeds from the auction will go towards the “Fred Alley New Musical Fund.”

Fred Doorian Slip
By Michael Beaster

As Fred slipped through the Door
He came in dancing, singing, and laughing
Then he started to write and write
And write some more
Tales to tell with history between the lines
A few risqué, a few felt deserved a fine
It was no mystery, it was easy to see
This man was a foundation
And he did it most under the trees
He had a voice so smooth and gay
As he strummed his guitar
And you heard him play
It made your heart warm
And feel good throughout the day
But the look that he gave, a twinkle in his eyes
With the corners of his lips curled up high
All the girls swooned and let out a sigh
We all felt his love, and his friendship, too
I don’t think once there was ever a boo
Going for years AFT was paved
Now bringing in other writers
To create the tourist’s fave
Adding to what Fred already gave
He walked out the Door
Ten years have gone by
But the door was left open
To live and to learn and not be afraid to try