Gathering Ground Seeks Partners for USDA Grant Program

Gathering Ground, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on Washington Island, is applying for the second round of the USDA’s Climate Smart Agriculture Grant and is looking for Door County farms to participate in the grant. It’s an opportunity to fund implementation of a climate-smart practice on your farm. By “climate smart,” the USDA is referring to practices with positive effects on greenhouse-gas emissions

Gathering Ground, for the purposes of its application, is focusing on the agricultural practices that are generally accepted as capable of capturing and holding carbon in the soil and/or in the form of living biomass above ground. Farmers who are implementing one of these practices or who wish to start or expand such a practice are encouraged to contact Gathering Ground.

A strong application is one that has many collaborating farm partners. If the grant is accepted, Gathering Ground will administer the grant and distribute funds with the participating farms in accordance with the budget agreed upon for the cost of the implementation of the planned practice. 

Interested? Email [email protected].

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