High Praise for Edgewood Sculpture Garden

The sculpture garden at Edgewood Orchard Galleries in Fish Creek has been featured in a Saturday Evening Post article about “America’s Most Stunning Outdoor Art Galleries.”

Post writer Bill Newcott described it as “a true art space, albeit one defined by forest, ground, and sky…Narrow, tree-lined hallways wind ahead of me, with each bend creating a setting for a piece of art: whimsical, contemplative, or boldly abstract.”

The gallery’s appearance in the national publication came as a complete surprise to J.R. Jarosh, who started creating the sculpture garden in 2007 and has been expanding and tweaking it over the years. With its meandering paths through the woods it allows visitors to enjoy nature and the art, ranging from practical fire bowls for outdoor entertaining to abstract works at prices from $75 into the thousands.

“I try to arrange it in a way that is aesthetically pleasing but also doable for visitors who don’t have a palatial estate to work with,” Jarosh said. Several visitors have been inspired to create their own sculpture gardens, as Jarosh has seen when he’s delivered and helped install works they have purchased from the gallery.

Over the last year or two he has been opening an access from the parking area to the edge of the sculpture garden so he will be able to accommodate large works that require a forklift to install. 

How did the Saturday Evening Post find Fish Creek? Jarosh thinks it was through a travel writers tour organized a few years ago by Destination Door County.

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