Hike This: Trail Tramper’s Delight Offers a Break from the Sun

This short and sweet trail provides shade at Peninsula State Park

What is it exactly that makes a hike delightful for a “trail tramper”? Historically, it’s a shaded path that offers a break from the heat of the summer sun. The name for this particular Peninsula State Park path originated with hikers in the 1920s, and its “delightful” characteristics still hold up. 

Bright-green mosses claim the decaying wood. Photo by Jessica Gatzow.

Tall trees covered in blue-green and lime-colored mosses provide plenty of shelter from the sun – and it looks as though there will be more shade to come years from now as clusters of white pines are sprouting up. Long grasses line the forest floor, and they may tickle your legs if you walk close to the path’s edges. 

The trail isn’t just a change of scenery for an avid hiker or “trail tramper”; it’s also a great way to break up a busy day of activities at Peninsula State Park. Maybe you’ve biked to the new Eagle Tower, the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse or Nicolet Beach and want a quiet, short hike to change the pace. The trailhead is just across from the parking lot near the lighthouse, which also provides bike racks. 

The trail ends at Shore Road. You can either turn around to head back or walk less than half a mile down the road to North Nicolet Bay. 

Treetops block most of the sky from view. Photo by Jessica Gatzow.

Where: Peninsula State Park 

Length: 0.6 miles (one way) 

Difficulty: Easy 

Highlights: The trail connects two Peninsula State Park destinations –  Eagle Bluff Lighthouse and Nicolet Bay – and intersects with the Nicolet Bay Trail and Sunset bike route. Watch for rocks and tree roots on the shaded dirt path.

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