INDOORACTIVE Begins Second Winter Season with Indoor Cycling, Badminton

Staying active during the winter can be a challenge, but it’s one that Fish Creek-based INDOORACTIVE seeks to overcome. 

Rachel Stollenwerk launched INDOORACTIVE in late 2018 to provide sports leagues, events and classes for youth and adults because she’s passionate about community-minded sports and recreational programs that benefit individuals and families in northern Door County year-round. To that end, going into its second winter season, INDOORACTIVE will again offer indoor cycling classes and a weekly badminton league. 

Indoor cycling gives participants an opportunity to maintain and strengthen their fitness, and for those who like competition, to keep their 2020 fitness goals top of mind. Cycling classes meet on weekday mornings at Edge of Park Bike and Moped Rental in Fish Creek, near the Peninsula State Park entrance. The classes use Perfpro Studio software, which provides workouts attuned to each rider’s ability. 

“The Perfpro Studio program pairs with our Bluetooth-compatible bike trainers to create simulated courses and workouts individually tailored to each rider,” Stollenwerk said. “The software allows multiple riders to see their ride data on the same screen. While the overall workout structure is the same for each rider in the class, the intensity of the workout is tailored to the ability of each rider.”

As an avid fair-weather cyclist, I participated in the inaugural winter season of indoor cycling and found success in being able to consistently fit 45- to 60-minute rides into my schedule, when I normally abandon cycling until springtime. I especially appreciated the ability to put my own bike to use throughout the off-season. Although Stollenwerk recommends that participants use their own bikes for the most comfortable workout, road and hybrid bikes are available upon request.

During the workout, power and cadence are displayed on a large screen for riders to see, and they wirelessly adjust to the bicycle trainer to create an optimal and motivating workout experience. Post-workout, riders receive an emailed workout summary so that they can track their personal progress. 

Sample screenshot of what riders see during their indoor cycling class.

Without seeing it in person, you might wonder how this experience is different from your standard spin class at the gym. According to Stollenwerk, the main difference is the software’s ability to synchronize with an individual’s baseline, which remains the same with each ride.

On a standard spin bike, there’s typically a resistance knob that riders can turn during the course of their workout to increase or decrease resistance. If paired with a computer that displays power/watt output, then adjusting this knob can work well for riders who are focused on keeping their intensity consistent. But, it can be hard to know the level of intensity that you rode from, say, last Friday to this Friday. 

“For example, let’s say you had a long week, and you feel tired this morning. As you start riding, how do you know if you are a quarter turn to the left or the right from last week?” Stollenwerk asked. “With Perfpro, we basically flip the script. Instead of manually adjusting a resistance knob, the software will send a signal to the bike trainer to automatically increase or decrease resistance as we move through the workout. When you set your bike up on the trainer each week, it will automatically adjust to the same baseline resistance.”

New for 2020, INDOORACTIVE will host indoor weekend races on a pop-up basis, giving riders a chance to participate in a 10K to 20K simulated race with other riders. Follow @indooractivecoach on Instagram to hear about class and race updates, and reserve your spot in classes at Drop in for a class for $5 per session, or choose the season rate of $50 for unlimited riding between January and April 17.

INDOORACTIVE is also offering its intramural badminton league again on Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 pm, at the Gibraltar Middle School. Sessions will begin Jan. 8. All ages and abilities are welcome, and equipment will be provided. Participants should wear gym shoes and activewear and take a water bottle.

The structure of play varies and can include open play, round robin and tournament style. 

“There are many different abilities that show up each week, and based on who is playing, we decide on a structure,” Stollenwerk said. “We have beginner to experienced players, so there is always someone to play with.” Choose between the drop-in rate of $5 per session or the season rate of $25.

To get more details about INDOORACTIVE or to share your ideas about potential additional sports programming for Door County, visit

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