Katie Dahl’s Monthly Singing Gathering Starts Nov. 3

On Nov. 3, 7 – 8:30 pm, lovers of singing are invited to take part in the inaugural “Sit Around Singing,” a monthly gathering to be held at Door County’s Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 10341 Water Street/Highway 42 in north Ephraim.

“I was part of a regular singing gathering like this in college, and it taught me so many songs and helped me meet people I would never have met otherwise,” says local folksinger Katie Dahl, who will lead the monthly sessions. Dahl is quick to point out that although she is known as a frequent performer around Door County, this is not a performance event. Rather, songs will be suggested one at a time by group participants and sung together by those in attendance, accompanied by Dahl on guitar.

No prior knowledge of music or songs is required, and people of all ages are welcome. All songs will be chosen and sung out of the group singing songbook Rise Up Singing (the event’s name is a play on the book’s title). Rise Up Singing includes 1,200 songs ranging from traditional Russian rounds to Bob Dylan songs to hymns to Beatles tunes. Copies of the book will be available to use and purchase at the first meeting. Those planning to attend are welcome to purchase their own copies and bring them along.

Dahl and the UUFDC have agreed to host “Sit Around Singing” on the first Thursday of every month through May, with the possibility of continuing the gatherings after May if they are successful. Cocoa, tea, and possibly cookies will be provided.


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