Len Villano’s Pic of the Week: Cathy Grier on the Road to Memphis

Editor’s note:  Peninsula Pulse photographer Len Villano spends a lot of time traveling the peninsula to capture the people, events and places that make Door County special. In our newest offering, “Len’s Pic of the Week,” we give this lifelong photographer a place to post his favorite image of the week and share his insight on the moment he captured.

Cathy Grier on the Road to Memphis

Sometimes the most important part of photography doesn’t even involve your camera; best to put down the camera and just look, listen and enjoy the experience. Get to know what’s important about your subject and then figure out how to express that photographically to your audience. If you haven’t seen or heard Cathy Grier yet, you need to. She’s phenomenal. She is all about life, friends, community, fellow musicians and making music. This image expresses that:  Cathy’s interactions with her fellow musicians and how they talk to each other with music.

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