Letter to the Editor: 66 Miles of Manure Pipes in Kewaunee County

The proposed digester/biogas plant sounds like a dream project for engineers and construction companies, but a nightmare for taxpayers. Oh, are the dairy corporations paying for all of this?

How much energy will be used to pump the load? Does the methane gas produced cover the energy needed to run the system? The price paid by electric utilities has dropped dramatically and doesn’t cover cost to produce it. By the way, removing natural gas doesn’t remove nitrogen and phosphorus that account for algae blooms and pollution.

Who pays for the “sewage plant” that is to process this load? How “pure” will the final water be? Clean enough not to kill off the trout, other fish, and insect life that the fish depend on? How much of our ground water will be degraded to move the load to the “sewage plant?”

State aid [taxes] of 20 million doesn’t cover the estimated costs of the proposed 188 million dollar plant. Who buys insurance to cover spills and mishaps?

I realize that the local populous being distracted by other things may not demand accountability of the government to protect our environment for all citizens. That is the tragedy of our times and for future generations.

Margaret Naysmith

Algoma, Wis.