Letter to the Editor: What Became of Common Sense?

Let’s hear it for the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms, just as the Founding Fathers envisioned. So, grease up your flintlocks and your front-loading muskets, and keep your powder dry, in the event of an evil government takeover. Your right to own 18th Century firearms shall not be infringed.

The authors of our Constitution could hardly have envisioned automatic assault weapons in the hands of citizens, or the widespread slaughter of innocent civilians in the hands of uninfringed gun owners – nor would they have intended it. The madness of today’s private arsenals is America’s shame.  Thoughts and prayers, conversations between differing views, lamentations, and further investigation have proven to be deadly obfuscation. America cannot be made great again until it is made safe again – before the next massacre.

They say…“Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” But people on a rampage without assault weapons can kill far fewer people. “Anything in the hands of a maniac can be deadly.” But this is not an excuse to provide maniacs with state-of-the-art devastation. “Hunters just want to have fun.” But one deer at a time please, not a whole herd in one pull of the trigger.  “Citizens should have the right to defend their families.”  But surely only one home invader at a time. “Crazy people and criminals will find a way to obtain firearms in spite of any laws.” But not military-grade weapons if they are not available. “There are already too many weapons out there.” But that is no reason to add to the arsenal.  You see? The gun lobby will find any excuse to proliferate guns. We must find every excuse to call a halt – or die trying.

Whatever became of common sense? And, oh, by the way, have we forgotten that part about a “well-regulated militia?”  


Jim Maronek

Ellison Bay, Wis.

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