Letter to the Editor: More Beer and Wine Please

Here we go. The sale of beer and wine in the Village of Ephraim –you have to be kidding. Ephraim is the last dry village in the state of Wisconsin. Yes, in fact a majority of the registered voters signed the petitions to place the sale of beer and wine on the ballot on April 5th.

Following the legal format set forth by Wisconsin statutes I instigated the petitions that would, if passed, allow the sale of beer and wine in the Village of Ephraim. Why did I do this? The consumption of alcohol is open and common within the village and I feel that the demeanor of the village would not change if the sale of beer and wine were to be allowed.

What it would do is allow our restaurants and inns to serve beverages that are today typically found in these establishments. Times have changed.  We no longer drive Model T Fords. Numerous restaurants and inns have come and gone here in the village and I suspect that their inability to compete with the surrounding villages is partially to blame.

As a young man in the early ’60s I worked as a bag boy in the local market here in Ephraim. If you were a true local you could purchase beer at this store. Nobody seemed concerned at that time, so one can only ask what has changed? Neither the Ephraim Historical Foundation nor the local Moravian Church has come out in opposition to the petitions.

Importantly, the final authority for the issuance of these licenses will be with the village board. Restrictions, such as limiting the hours of operation for a business could be imposed. Also of importance is that hard liquor is not on the table for discussion.

Again, this initiative would allow a restaurant patron to enjoy a glass of wine or beer with their meal. Additionally, organizations such as our volunteer fire department, Ephraim Yacht Club and the Ephraim Historical Foundation would be able to serve beer and wine at their social functions held in the village. And lastly, there’s the promise that with the successful passage of these petitions, a grocery store could once again reopen within the village.

I believe this change can only add to the rich heritage of the village. I ask that you please cast your vote in favor of the petitions and I thank you in advance for your support.


Hugh Mulliken

Ephraim, Wis.


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