Letter to the Editor: Stupefying Remarks

Letter writer Bruce Osborne asked [in a Feb. 10, 2017 letter], “Where have street protests advanced any cause?” Such a remark is absolutely stupefying. Without the willingness of thousands of people to risk their lives and take to the streets, should we assume that landmark civil rights legislation of some 50 years ago would have come about because of a sudden seizure of governmental common sense or decency?

Comments about “vulgarity” (exhibited by a relatively few marchers’ signs – and, vulgarity is in the eye of the beholder), and criticism of headgear establishes a complete obtuseness by the writer to the battle at hand. As does specious citing of multi-million dollar payouts to sports stars, which have no bearing at all on the day-to-day lives of everyday women.

Vulgar, Bruce, is not carrying a sign. It is being groped.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

Raeona Jordan

Egg Harbor, Wis.