Letter to the Editor: We’re for Weisner

My wife and I support the re-election of Richard Weisner as our 4th District Councilperson. He has served our district extremely well since 2012. He is a lifelong resident of Sturgeon Bay. He is a homeowner and pays property taxes to support the citizens of the district as well as the entire community. He has extensive experience in supporting our community as was summarized earlier in this paper. We would add to that list his membership at Bay View Lutheran Church where he volunteers to open the church every Sunday prior to the 8 am service to assure its readiness for the day. In addition to serving the 4th District on the City council, he is chair of the Planning Committee. Rick has certainly demonstrated his ability to work to support the future of Sturgeon Bay. And we might add, in an ethical fashion.

His challenger, Kelly Avenson, has limited experience in our community which would aid her in representing the 4th District. In fact, she was a resident of the 2nd District in December when she filed her nomination papers and certified that she lived on 3rd Avenue. As a point of information, state law states that candidates need only live at an address 10 days prior to an election. While this may be legal, in our judgment, it shows an attempt to work the system. Kelly is an active member and voice of the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society, which has no affiliation with the Door County Historical Society. The SBHC was the brainchild of the Friends of West Side Development group who have delayed via lawsuits development of the Co Op Property. Lastly, the three women Councilpersons all have affiliations with Friends, SBHC, or have relatives who were litigants in the lawsuits. Remember that these three were found to be in violation of Wisconsin Open Meeting Laws.

In our judgement, Richard Wiesner is the superior candidate in this election and deserves your vote.

Robert & Doris Loss

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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