Letter: Feingold Wants More Days in D.C.

Headline in the Sept. 4 issue of the Peninsula Pulse read “Feingold Wants To Represent Wisconsin.”

Surely, the headline writer jests! Russell Feingold spent 6,570 days in the Washington, D.C., senate chambers and never lifted a finger for Wisconsin. For 18 years, Mr. Feingold represented big labor, voted for every spending bill that was within a mile of his desk and managed to co-author only one bill that became dead in the water the day after it was enacted (Campaign Reform Act). Can anyone remember one moment in those agonizing three terms when this champion career politician actually represented Wisconsin interests, Wisconsin people or our conservative values?

Mister Feingold is the epitome of a career “Washington Insider” who has spent his entire adult life in liberal politics. He’s a decent fellow, a gentleman. He’s not a crook like Harry Reid, a devious liar like Hillary Clinton or a dim bulb like Nancy Pelosi. But, he hangs around Washington just as they do. He leans liberal in a state that has been growing more conservative as recent state elections indicate. Feingold, if you can imagine, voted against the Patriot Act, the only senator out of 100 to do so. Is that representing Wisconsin citizens?

Now, he’s back in Wisconsin after working on President Obama’s second campaign and after a reward job as special representative for the African Great Lakes region and he and the labor unions would like you to put him back in Washington for 2,190 more days of the entrenched politics he enjoys.

J. J. Gallagher

Ephraim, Wis.

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