Letter to the Editor:

See the Show

Once in a while it is nice to get one’s mind off of climate change and political angst.

I found a treasure on County F just around the corner from the Gibraltar School. It is a current show in the beautiful gallery at the Peninsula School of Art. Upper elementary students from Washington Island, Gibraltar and St. John Bosco have created interactive and highly sophisticated paintings with light and shadow. The show is hung very low so when you bring your children and grandchildren they can enjoy it at eye height. Small LEDs light up when viewers press buttons on watercolor paintings and shadow forms appear when they angle flashlights from the side of cardboard constructions.

There will be a receptionist on duty to help you enjoy and enter into the fun of this experience. Don’t miss it. The hours are 8 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturdays, and it will be waiting for you until March 2.

Marianne Diekman

Ephraim, Wisconsin