Letter to the Editor: Abby Duebler Is Good for Door County Families

Abby is running to represent District 20 on the Door County Board of Supervisors in the upcoming Spring Election. Abby “Doobie” (as she’s known to many across the county) is a Fish Creek native with an innate understanding of what Door County needs to continue to grow and attract new, year-round residents. A service-industry expert, early-childhood educator and mother of three of the county’s cutest kiddos, Abby knows Door County. 

She is logical, compassionate, intelligent and organized. She would bring a fresh, unique perspective to the Door County Board of Supervisors, and she has the charisma to get young people of Northern Door interested in and excited about the responsibilities of the board and the decisions they make. Abby’s quick wit and humor can lighten up difficult topics and break tension that can arise during serious meetings, keeping everyone grounded and focused.

Door County is nuanced – Abby knows that. Although its natural beauty is a major draw for living in the county, Abby understands the challenges that can arise because of the geographical positioning. Northern Door is especially distinctive, with less access to resources and programming. Abby knows that in order to keep young families in the county, we must offer countywide, enriching early-childhood education and care. As an early childhood educator at Peninsula Preschool, she’s dedicating her life to providing it. 

Abby is an enthusiastic, charismatic change-maker, and a vote for Abby Duebler is a vote in support of Door County families. This spring, vote Doobie for District 20! 

Steph La Haye 

Glendale, Wisconsin