Letter to the Editor: Against the Proposed Quarry RV Development

After more than two months of intense analysis, calm reflection and meetings with all parties involved, I oppose the proposed quarry RV development above George Pinney Park. Why?

It’s the wrong place: This small-parcel subdivision with short-term rental turnover does not fit into the residential character of the area around it. The model for this idea, Hearthside Grove in Petoskey, Michigan, is in a light industrial area on a major U.S. highway.

It is way too dense: It is obvious that a big development cost has to be made up by jamming as much as possible onto the site. There is nothing like this within miles of the quarry.

The finances seem shaky: The projected sales and prices – but they don’t jibe with other prices in the area – and the 12-year experience at Hearthside Grove. We do not need an eyesore business-failure remnant anywhere here, particularly in this pretty spot.

Safety concerns: Bay Shore Drive is one of the prime biking and walking spots in Door County. The prospect of huge rigs, driving down winding Bay Shore Drive, zooming past cringing walkers and cyclists on a small shoulder, is frightening. 

Environmental impact: There is a lot of dense artificial stuff going into a natural (albeit scarred) area. Given enough money and design, much can be done, but I wonder about unintended consequences of such a big, concentrated change.

Let’s use our design and financing imagination and efforts to realize a more appropriate vision.

James V. Mitsche

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin