Letter to the Editor: Be Accountable for What You Say – and Quote

It is voting time, and passionate people are speaking out. Normal people are going about with their busy lives, focusing on paying their rent or mortgage, feeding their families and of course, filling their gas tanks.

In the July 1-8 issue of the Peninsula Pulse was a letter to the editor titled “Unbelievable.” It was a perfect title for that letter. The writer went on about gripes with the government.

What stirred my interest is when she quoted the Texas Republican Party platform (I’m assuming it is the 2022 platform). She wrote that the platform states that homosexuality is “an abomination.” The fact is that page 21 of the 2022 platform states that “homosexuality is an abnormal lifestyle choice.” Two entirely different messages. Whether it should be a part of the Texas Republican platform at all is their business.

I think this is a teachable moment rather than a time to dwell on how many people the writer hurt. When something seems unbelievable, research it and call it out.

Our country is amazing, and we do have freedom of speech, but we are also accountable for what we say and especially what we quote.

As a result of the letter, I did get a chance to read the Texas platform. The 40-page platform was well thought out, and although some of it is a little extreme, for the most part, I liked it.

Dawn McGinnis

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin