Letter to the Editor: Say ‘No’ to ATV/UTV Trail

First, I want to thank the Pulse for creating public awareness about the proposed ATV/UTV trail on West Elm and North Duluth Avenue to Bullhead Point and beyond (March 12, “ATV Trail Dead-ended”). 

As many of you may know, North Duluth Avenue is part of the Ice Age Trail, one of America’s 11 National Scenic Trails; and it offers access to Bullhead Point, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also home to year-round hikers, joggers, walkers, cyclists and dog walkers of all ages who are going to or coming from the state park.

In addition to the public using the trail, the road is frequented daily by garbage and recycling trucks, septic haulers, food and beer delivery trucks, construction vehicles, utility vehicles, and UPS, Fedex and USPS vehicles, all making their appropriate stops, which narrows the roadway to other traffic, pedestrians and others as mentioned above.

The road also leads to two resorts and Waterfront Mary’s, a very popular bar and restaurant – especially in the summer months – which I, too, enjoy. 

Adding ATV/UTV vehicles to the mix will be a potential nightmare and an accident waiting to happen. The road carries a 25-mph speed limit, dropping to 20 mph down the hill and bend, but this is rarely observed. ATV/UTVs would need to travel at 10 mph if they were within 150 feet of a residence or pedestrian, and with the road changing from 33 feet wide to fewer than 18 feet in some places, that would make it more of a problem.

One can only hope that the trail proposal is scrapped before it opens up, thereby alleviating the possibility of further hazardous conditions. May I suggest you contact your local representative to voice your opinion, as I have done already; or attend the Parking and Traffic Committee meeting March 22, 4:30 pm.

Peter Jackson

Town of Nasewaupee, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin