Letter to the Editor: Camp Zion’s New Dining Hall: What’s the Real Issue?

Camp Zion in Ellison Bay is building a new dining hall to replace a building that is undersized and outdated. No, Camp Zion is not expanding its operations. No, by law, Camp Zion is not increasing the number of campers. No, Camp Zion is not trying to “pull a fast one” on the county or its neighbors. Yes, there was a county error in the initial permitting process, and that is being addressed.

I hate to break it to the neighbors, but you “did sign up for this.” You purchased property adjacent to a Christian youth summer camp that’s been in operation since 1946 – long before many of you were born.

Oh, by the way: The new dining hall is not even visible from the neighbors’ homes. They have to trespass onto Camp Zion’s private road and property to even get a look. You have to ask yourself: What is the real issue?

John Donnell
Ellison Bay, Wisconsin