Letter to the Editor: Cure for Cancer?

No, because “cancer” is a protected industry, very profitable, and resistant to change.

Yes, because we now know that cancer is just a fungus called Candida Albicans (Simoncini) and if we know what it likes and doesn’t like (Warburg) we are in control to prevent and stop its overgrowth. Sounds simple doesn’t it? And it is.

I have worked as an engineer related to manufacturing/machining since 1970 so I think different. Everything has to make sense, be logical, and work or I would end up on the outside looking in. Applying that fierce focus to health issues is entirely different than what the universities teach about wellness. I started gathering information in 2004 after my wife found a breast lump. She eventually had a lumpectomy and was fine.

I kept researching cancer, always looking for another piece to the puzzle. When I discovered Simoncini and his book Cancer is a Fungus things came together and it made sense. I then wrote a simple outline how to beat cancer by rebuilding the immune system based on simple common sense science.

I was able to test it with a friend who had a very large abdominal tumor and given the last rites at Ministry Hospital. A Green Bay hospital didn’t have any hope for her, the same at Froedtert, and then Mayo said her prognosis was very grim because it had spread to her lung and shoulder. Some weeks later she returned to Froedtert and they gave her two weeks to live. I told her not to worry, the PET scan is not accurate for an alkaline body.

Then hospital number five gave her a different scan that proved she was clear. This journey was about a year long.

Many other critical health challenges are also fungal but our immune system is weak because of the standard American diet that fungus thrives in. Our medical system struggles with this and cannot afford to change. The power of the internet and a growing community of independent MDs/researchers will rapidly replace the current protocol for cancer globally.

This is good news so the focus should be “awareness of the cure for cancer.”

For those who can’t believe this I am always available to share my research, go into more detail, or help someone in trouble.


Fred Wittig, Sacred Life Center

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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