Letter to the Editor: Democracy Should Be Everyone’s Top Issue

As I read letters in the Pulse and other publications, writers express concern about many issues: inflation, reproductive rights, crime. But there is only one critical issue in this election: democracy. If we do not get this election right, there may never be another truly free and fair election. 

Republicans are using Donald Trump’s Big Lie to restrict people’s access to the vote – and not surprisingly, these are mostly people who tend to vote Democratic. Republicans are imposing extremely gerrymandered legislative and congressional voting districts to give themselves not just permanent majorities, but in some cases supermajorities. 

In some states, they are also passing laws giving Republican-controlled legislatures the power to ignore their constituents’ votes and decide elections as they see fit. And then, of course, is the violent insurrection at the Capitol by Trump supporters on Jan. 6 to overthrow the 2020 election. 

I do not understand what has happened to the Republican Party over the past decade. Although I have never agreed with its policies, I used to respect the party and its leaders, assuming them to be honorable and of good faith. 

I realize the MAGA crowd no longer cares about the Constitution or democracy, but anyone with an open mind, a belief in free and fair elections, and a desire to preserve their right to vote simply cannot vote Republican in this election. 

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin’s Republican ticket is loaded with election deniers, from gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels and Sen. Ron Johnson at the top, to Congressmen Tom Tiffany and Scott Fitzgerald, to numerous local-government candidates. If you cannot bring yourself to vote for a Democrat, consider a good third-party candidate who shares your values. The future of our democracy depends on it!

Mark Fermanich

Sister Bay, Wisconsin