Letter to the Editor: Reetz for Door County Circuit Judge

I have been a lawyer for 50 years, and was a judge for 14 of them. 

Recently, I attended a meeting where Attorney Brett Reetz presented his qualifications as a candidate for Door County Circuit Judge. Mr. Reetz is a successful trial lawyer. He has been in practice for more than 30 years; he has extensive civil and criminal trial experience; he is smart, decisive, articulate and kind; he has tremendous empathy for others; and he has constructive ideas on how to enhance the services offered by the Circuit Court. He recognizes how substance abuse and mental illness are the root causes of many crimes and should be a fundamental consideration when imposing sentences in order to effectuate successful rehabilitation.  He believes that to maintain a civil, safe and just society, successful rehabilitation is critical. As a former judge, I know him to be correct.  

Mr. Reetz’s common-man experience as a construction worker until he was 31, and as the father of three children, combined with his extensive experience as a trial lawyer, will provide him powerful resources, understanding and wisdom to guide disputes to resolution.   

Mr. Reetz is an ideal judicial candidate. The citizens of Door County are fortunate that he is offering to give up his lucrative law practice in order to serve the people. It is significant that he will not accept campaign contributions. He is financing his judicial campaign on his own in order to avoid even the appearance of influence – a unique, admirable decision in a time when large corporations, wealthy individuals and lawyer groups funnel big money into judicial and other elections in order to gain influence and favorable rulings. We can be confident that the decisions of a Judge Reetz will be well-considered, fair, honest and just.

Therefore, I urge all Door County citizens to vote for Brett Reetz for Circuit Judge in the April 2 election, and to encourage their friends, neighbors and associates to vote for him, too. The quality of justice in Door County depends upon this important election.

John L. Huff

Associate Judge (Ret.)

Sister Bay, Wisconsin