Letter to the Editor: ‘Republican Headquarters Open for Business’

In response to Richard Woldt’s letter I see in addition to his encouragement to stop in and pick up signs, he invites constituents and fans of the elephant to tell us “what our candidates can do to gain your trust and hopefully your vote.” I think these candidates have already expressed their views and the party has endorsed them. You really just want to hear of my endorsement.

Furthermore, cleverly hidden in his last line of the second paragraph in speaking of Jacque is a reference to his “code of ethics, driven by his deep faith in Christianity will help bring common sense to Madison and God back into our schools, public squares and state government.”

This is so inappropriate. This country was founded upon the separation of church and state and I, for one, demand it be kept that way. I do not want God in school (unless it is a church-based school), not in my public square (unless it is a church group meeting, picnic or celebration), and most certainly out of local, state and federal government…no exceptions.

We live in a democracy, still, and I want to keep it that way. I do not want to be told what God wants me to do by a politician who thinks he/she knows what God thinks is best for me. Or, writing legislation that favors only Christians.

This country is a melting pot, we need inclusion and acceptance of those who choose different beliefs, not fear created by those who think only white bread and Christianity are the way to go. Open your eyes and ears, Mr. Woldt.


Kathy Wagner

Sister Bay, Wis.

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