Letter to the Editor: Time to Vote Again

Andre Jacque is my choice. He is currently the Assemblyman for Wisconsin Assembly District 2 and he has a very conservative record of voting for the taxpayers.

All three of the Wisconsin pro-life organizations have endorsed Andre Jacque, and only Andre. If you believe that those cells growing in mommy’s tummy will be a beating heart in just days, Andre needs your vote. If you believe that a baby should be treated with respect, even in death, vote for Andre.

Do you support those who protect our communities? I believe the sheriff of each county in the 1st Senate District has endorsed Andre Jacque.

I watched the Press Gazette debate between Andre Jacque and Caleb Frostman on YouTube. It seemed that Mr. Frostman’s response to many of the problems was, “It needs to be funded sufficiently.” I don’t think that giving bureaucrats a larger budget has ever solved anything. The MacIver website has a good example. The La Crosse school district has found a way to cover health care more efficiently for less. Milwaukee school district has chosen to increase the cost of employee health care (think taxpayer dollars) by millions of dollars. Of course the actual budgets can’t be compared, but the approach to spending taxpayers’ dollars can certainly be compared. Andre supported legislation that gave school districts the tools to make school districts fiscally sound.  Another piece of legislation he worked on allowed the Neenah School District to save about $30,000 on one school roof repair. That was $30,000 that could then be used for education. In fact, the prevailing wage legislation earned Andre Jacque an honorable mention for MacIver’s steel spine award. A steel spine in a legislator is worth celebrating.


Ruth Elmer

Combined Locks, Wis.

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