Letters to the Editor: What’s the Motivation to March?

I’m really curious as to why, all of a sudden, Ms. Bremer is compelled to make this pilgrimage to D.C. Isn’t it really a backlash to the results of our elections, both local and national? Ms. Bremer, people don’t trivialize sexual assault and, yes, women lag men in compensation and advancement opportunities but Serena Williams just won $3.4 million for her first place victory – the men’s payout? Exactly the same! I support equal pay and opportunity for women and my career credentials support such. Where have street protests advanced any cause? Do you comprehend how your actions help formulate the opinions of others? Did you really want to be associated with the vulgarity of many of the “marchers”? And the hat? Is that really the symbol you want to represent women’s rights? Thank you for your service as a teacher. It’s the most important job in America. I might add that in our community, teacher’s pay and equal opportunities for advancement seem to be a priority and the environment is healthy.

Bruce Osborne

Northbrook, Ill.