Liberty Grove Historical Society Celebrates Ellison Bay’s 150th Anniversary

The Liberty Grove Historical Society (LGHS) celebrates the 150th anniversary of the founding of Ellison Bay on June 25, 1:30 – 3:30 pm, at the Trinity Lutheran Cemetery on Mink River Road during a Spirit Walk. Come hear the stories of early settlers as presented by their descendants. Founder John Eliason, John Pfeil’s daughters Matilda Pfeil Johnson and Amollia Pfeil Strandell Icke, Hannah Newman Rogers, Bertha Salzseider Ruckert, Anna Simonson Weborg and Sara Ostrand Wickman all helped shape the wilderness of Liberty Grove (founded 1859) into the thriving community of Ellison Bay. The legacy of their deeds surrounds visitors as new generations continue to enjoy the beauty of nature and help the community grow.

There will be a shuttle/trolley service available from parking lot atop the hill. The walk is on an uneven walking surface. Donations to LGHS are appreciated.

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