Love Feast at Heritage Village

Paul Graf

In the early 15th century the Moravian Church was founded in Bohemia and Moravia. Nearly 450 years later, Reverend Andreas Iverson established a Moravian community on the shores of Green Bay and christened the new village “Ephraim.” Today, Moravian churches have also been established in Sister Bay and Sturgeon Bay. On Sept. 21, Bishop Paul Graf will share the traditional Moravian “love feast” with visitors to the Heritage Village at Big Creek.

“The love feast was a grassroots tradition which began in Germany when groups at odds with each other met for worship, then enjoyed a meal and sought forgiveness from each other,” explained Bishop Graf. “A tradition was established. We celebrate together with the breaking of bread—the traditional love feast bun—and beverage, usually coffee/hot chocolate, and friendship.

“Our love feast will be an interpretive service, a teaching experience, and yet, still worship. There will be lots of light hymn singing, songs that most Christians will recognize and be able to sing. And the Village’s Chapel will provide the perfect setting for our service,” concluded Bishop Graf.

The Moravian Love Feast will be held at 2 pm and visitors of all faiths are welcome to attend. The Heritage Village at Big Creek, located at 2041 Michigan Street, Sturgeon Bay, is open daily from 1:30 – 3:30 pm. For more information visit, contact Dan Olson at 920.421.2332 or find them on Facebook.