Magic Mama Comes to Glas

Magic Mama is coming to the Glas Green Coffeehouse in Sturgeon Bay, March 21st, Equinox, from noon to 2 pm. The free performance will feature original music from her first two albums, Rodeo deGaia and Wild Birds and is a part of the “Sunday Afternoon Delights, original acoustic concert series” presented by Glas Green.

Magic Mama is an Eco-Edu-tainer who performs Organic Hip Hop and World Beats for the whole family. Through her music, Magic Mama delivers an empowering and hope-filled message of love and respect for all and inspires creative thinking and Earth-friendly actions.

She plays an eclectic variety of instruments including acoustic guitar, harmonium, canning jars filled with water, and a recycled paper drum. With the help of a loop machine, Magic Mama records and layers vocals and multiple instruments live, building to a full band sound. She also provides the audience with handmade, recycled instruments, including empty cheese-puff bags, rainsticks and used water-filter shakers.

Having spent time the past two years touring nationally, she is currently producing her third album Renegade Spade, a soundtrack to the Good Food Revolution.

Dedicated to healing the Earth and tending to the Children’s Fire, Magic Mama believes that magic is the art of changing consciousness at will. She invites her audience to open their minds and think about the world in new, life-affirming ways.

You can find music samples, press quotes and photos by visiting her website at or calling 612.812.8620.