Making the Turn

Well my fellow golfers, another season is upon us, although the weather does not exactly concur. It’s hard to believe that the high-school golf teams have concluded their conference season before most of us have even touched our clubs. I personally cannot recall a more unseasonably cold spring in recent history, or a poorer one for golf courses and golfers alike.

But Mother’s Day weekend brought a ray of hope, some warmth, plenty of sunshine, and a feeling that summer might actually be around the corner. Leagues are soon underway, and interested players should contact their favorite golf courses for details. Many wonderful outings are slated for May and early June, and detailed in the “Upcoming Outings” below.

We look forward to another fun season of the Peninsula Pulse’s Golf Page, covering local golf news, events and highlights. The ever-popular “Player Profile” will be back. Do you know of someone who would be a good candidate? Please let us know. Also returning is the informative “Tips from the Pro” where local professionals share their knowledge to help us all improve our games.

Last year, I enjoyed meeting new golfers, receiving feedback, and I look forward to more of the same this year. Your input, suggestions, photos, and story ideas are always welcome at [email protected]. Here’s to another great season!