Meet First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln at JHS Meeting

Join the Jacksonport Historical Society (JHS) on Wednesday, June 24 at 7 pm for their annual meeting, which will take place at the Jacksonport Town Hall.

After the election of officers and chairpersons, visitors will have a chance to see Jessica Michna from Racine, WI, who will portray First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln.

After the assassination of her husband, Abraham, Mary Lincoln was an unsettled spirit. She had lived in New York, Chicago and even Europe, but could never find rest. Mary had lost three of her four sons and suffered estrangement from her eldest, Robert. Set upon by creditors, plagued by declining health and always weighed down by her overwhelming grief, Mrs. Lincoln had become a sad and dejected figure. This was a far cry from the youthful woman who had captured all of the hearts of Springfield in 1837.

As Lincoln, Michna will recalls the days of her girlhood in the genteel society of Lexington, Kentucky, her marriage to the gangly young lawyer, and eventually her rise to become the First Lady.

The Jacksonport Town Hall is located at 3365 County Trunk V in Sturgeon Bay. For more information visit